Monday, June 24, 2013

My first Edinburgh Book Festival

I am so excited to have the chance this year to go to the Edinburgh Book Festival for the first time.  I grew up in the city and Festival time has played such a major part in my life, so I can't believe I have never had the chance to be part of it.  I was brought up on the Tattoo, I worked at the International Festival (where I met my husband), and I performed on the Fringe Festival, but because I left Edinburgh for London (then Cardiff, then Houston) more than 22 years ago just as the book festival was just becoming established, I missed it.  But this year we are managing to tie in our family holiday to Edinburgh at Festival time for the first time in years, and I am so excited!

The program has just been published HERE.  Now all I need to do is work out what to see, but given that they have 800 authors taking part in 700 events, I'm not sure quite how I'll do that.  Oh dear, so many events, so little time!