Tuesday, August 28, 2018

IN ANOTHER TIME is published today!

IN ANOTHER TIME is the story of Maisie McCall, a young lumberjill of the Women's Timber Corps in 1942, during World War Two. In writing her story, Maisie has taken me on such a wonderful journey along so many wooded paths of the Scottish Highlands.

Without doubt, the highlight of my research for this story was getting to meet Christina Forrester (nee Edgar) who joined the WTC when she was just 19 years old, and has just celebrated her 95th birthday. 

Mrs Forrester sat with me last summer at the feet of the beautiful Lumberjill Memorial Statue overlooking the forested hills in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park near Aberfoyle in central Scotland.  The memorial was not erected until 2007, following a long campaign by former lumberjills and Forestry Commission Scotland to mark the Women's Timber Corps's significant contribution to the war effort.

IN ANOTHER TIME is my small tribute to the courage of Christina and all her lumberjill colleagues. I hope I have done all their stories justice.

The Lumberjill Memorial Statue,
Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle, Scotland

The lumberjill's view 

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