Monday, April 11, 2016

National Library Week - a lifetime of celebration

It's National Library Week this week, and that's given me a chance to look back on the libraries that have been part of my life as I've moved around the world. 

As a kid, my wonderful parents took me to one of the excellent Edinburgh City Libraries - Corstorphine and Blackhall branches, usually - every couple of weeks, and I had a great school library at the Mary Erskine School to borrow all sorts of books from. As a teen, I raided the music library in Edinburgh's Central Library for endless piles of sheet music to indulge my (not very realistic) ambitions to be a singer. 

When I moved to London to work at the Arts Council, there was a branch of the Westminster Library just round the corner from my office which had a fantastic stack of paperback novels, just perfect to read on a bus or train during my commute each day. When we moved to Wales a few years later, Penarth Library had a great storytime session down in the children's library every week when my kids were little. 

Now, I'm in Houston, I indulge myself with downloading from the amazing number of digital audiobooks on offer through the Houston Area Digital Media Catalog, as well as CDs and books I can order from the Houston Public Library website. 

So I am delighted to join in the celebration of libraries all over the world, not just during National Library Week, but every single day of my life!

For more information about how you can join in the celebration, visit the I Love Libraries facebook page or follow the #NationalLibraryWeek chat on Twitter.

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